Hi my name is Martin  and Welcome to Lakeland Galleries. 
 I hope you enjoy the images on this site as much as i've enjoyed taking them. Landscape photography has been one of my biggest passions for the last 15 years. I've been married to my wife Pam for 25 years and we have two beautiful daughters Ashleigh & Ellie. 
My interest in photography happened later in life when I was about thirty and ever since I can't seem to put my camera down.
For me it's more of an addiction than a passion, after a few years of taking Landscape Images I decided to set up my first website "sanderscapes" to show my work. 
I feel really blessed to have the Lake District on my doorstep.
I was starting to receive great praise from my family and friends so I entered Landscape competitions, one of the competitions I won was the Photoplus Subs club competition where one of my images was printed on thirty thousand A4 binders. This was one of the best feelings I could imagine, having one of my images shown throughout the country.
As I progressed in my photographic journey I decided to branch out into different types of photography. I really wanted to see what I was like doing Wedding and Portrait photography. I started to practice portraits on my two daughters much to their dislike and after a while I started to improve my skills and composition.
I'm really enthusiastic about my photography and I am always willing to learn new techniques, styles and ways of shooting different and new subjects.

I have used various types of cameras ranging from Fuji to Canon to Pentax and then back to Fujifilm again where I've stayed for the past couple of years.  The camera's I use now are the amazing XT1 and the XT2 those together with Fuji XF Series lenses.

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