Lakeland Landscape Gallery III

Hi and welcome my Lakeland Landscapes III gallery This is a small selection of Lakeland Landscapes more images can be seen throughout this website. Please scroll down to see more images. I have included all of the Capture information underneath each of the images. Please feel free to view my other Landscape Galleries and also my Nature & Macro Gallery. Thanks for looking

Derwentwater UK - Canon EOS50D 12-24mm Lens 1/10Second Shutter @f16 ISO100
Bassenthwaite UK - Pentax K10 17mm Lens 1/50Second Shutter @f22 ISO160
Thirlmere UK - Fuji XT1 10-24mm Lens 1/15Second Shutter @f16 ISO200
The Solway Coast UK - Fuji XT1 10-24mm Lens 30Second Shutter @f20 ISO200
Derwentwater UK - Fuji XT1 10-24mm Lens 42Second Shutter @f16 ISO200
Loweswater UK - Fuji XT1 10-24mm Lens 1/5Second Shutter @f11 ISO200
Bassenthwaite UK - Pentax K10 10-20mm Lens 1/50Second Shutter @f16 ISO100
Derwentwater UK - Fuji XT1 10-24mm Lens 1/25Second Shutter @f20 ISO200

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